Welcome! October 13, 2019: All images from the 18th annual Autumn Elegance Dance Show held on Oct 6 now available for view and order.  Click on the images at right to view. Congratulations to the dancers and to Una Lisa and her volunteers for another fine show! 

Congratulations to Tom, Diana and Debby on a very successful 16th Badger State Dancesport Competition and Showcase held on May 31-June 1. Images for all events are available in the galleries shown at right. Click on your choice to view the images.
For all other Events, navigate from the Galleries tab at the top of this page.  
All images from previous Dance Events are still available either to the right or under the Galleries/Events headings This includes Northern Lights, Arthur Murray, Autumn Elegance and Badger State. Click Galleries, above, then Events, then the gallery you want. 

Travel Gallery: See new images from trips to Mexico, Arizona, Southern California and the Caribbean!

My general  interests are events such as dance shows and competitions, travel, headshots, publicity, weddings, portraits, nature and scenic, with emphasis on natural, as-found images using as few manipulative tools as possible.   I hope you enjoy my images!  Thanks very much for visiting!    -Timothy Place


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