About Timothy Place

Self portrait




Based now near Chicago, my original inspiration to photograph seriously occurred while in college and during a trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula during the fall color change-the placewas a veritable fairyland of brilliant colors and textures! From that initial inspiration I gradually moved into portraiture and weddings, managing a small studio for a time, then a bit of commercial work. Over the years my vision has been refined by what and how I see and what I can cause the camera to record. I like to keep the images as pure as possible, using very little enhancement or development techniques. As a result, each of my images bears something of my feeliings and sensitivities, and a part of me and my experience is contained in each. Our world is chock-full of images, yet I feel room exists for more, as our personal lives are and will remain unlimited in range and scope. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my images, and that you may like some enough to purchase prints, or are inspired to contact me about photographing your special event. 

Your comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome, as this journey is one of constant evolution. Thank you and best wishes. 

-Timothy Place