Welcome! July 1, 2018: I have uploaded my new journalistic images from the June 30 Milwaukee rally protesting parent-child separations and other border issues. Click on the gallery at the right to view.
Also, images from the 2018 Badger State Dance competition  are still available for viewing and ordering. Click on the galleries at right to view. Congrats to Tom, Diana, and Debby as well as all participants that made this event fabulous!

New photos from February 2017 Loreto Mexico trip now viewable in Travel/Mexico/Loreto Area Feb 2018 gallery.  

All Arthur Murray Rockford Showcases thru 2017, USA Dance Northern Illinois 20th Anniversary, Autumn Elegance, Tempo  and Badger State images thru 2017 are still available in the Events gallery.  Click Galleries, above, then Events, then the gallery you want. 

Travel Gallery: New images from trips to Mexico, Arizona, Southern California and the Caribbean coming soon!

My general  interests are events such as dance shows and competitions, travel, headshots, publicity, weddings, portraits, nature and scenic, with emphasis on natural, as-found images using as few manipulative tools as possible.   I hope you enjoy my images!  Thanks very much for visiting!    -Timothy Place


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